No smoking at sports grounds

Tough new anti-smoking laws in NSW ban smokers from lighting up at playgrounds, public sports grounds, swimming pools, transport stops and entrances to public buildings.

The law bans smoking at playgrounds within 10 metres of play equipment and within 4 metres of public buildings, with a $550 fine dished out to smokers who refuse to comply.

The new measures will protect children, parents and the community from the negative effects of passive smoking.

The introduction is part of the NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012-2017 which aims to reduce smoking rates by 3% by 2015 for non-Aboriginal people and by 4% for Aboriginal people by the same date.

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in NSW accounting for about 5,200 deaths and 44,000 hospitalisations a year.

For more info, see the NSW Health website.

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