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Blue HelmetSince the Comets Baseball Club was inaugurated and registered back in 1981, it has become widely recognised for its stability of administration and a high level of achievement, as well as setting a recognised standard of excellence.

Originally known as the Como-West Jannali Junior Baseball Club, Comets Baseball Club was officially registered in 1981 as an offshoot of the local soccer club. In the 1981/82 season, under inaugural president Jim McDonald, the club entered the Cronulla-Sutherland Baseball Association’s summer competition with three T-ball, four Junior and two Senior teams. Our first club meetings, chaired by Jim McDonald
and assisted by vice president Brian Daniels, secretary Vicki McDonald and treasurer Tony Harrower, were held in the soccer club’s clubhouse. Our designated home ground was the former Women’s Hockey Field on Soldiers Road, Jannali, which underwent a formal name change in 1993 to Jannali Baseball Field.

By the 1987/88 summer season, just six years after it was formed, Comets Baseball had rapidly developed into the most successful baseball club in the district. That year we fielded 15 teams in baseball, T-ball and softball, and the depth of talent was evidenced by a record number of Comets players distinguishing themselves at representative level. In 1993 Comets ventured into winter baseball, registering senior teams in the St. George Association while applying to expand our home field, which would allow the playing of senior teams. Later, junior teams would also participate in
this competition.

In January 1994, while still using the cramped facilities then existing at our field, catastrophic fires swept through the area, engulfing and destroying the canteen and storage block, together with most of the club’s equipment. As in the past, Comets executives and parents rallied to not only restore lost equipment, but raise finances needed to build bigger and better facilities. A combined canteen/clubhouse was finally erected and in operation by late 1996 after a mammoth effort carried out by many dedicated people. The newly-expanded field was now able to accommodate senior baseball, and was inaugurated the following year.

In 1998, Comets Baseball Club won its first St. George Winter Club Championship - a distinction our club and its players have achieved numerous times in subsequent years. In 1999, Jim McDonald stood down following an unbroken 18 years of dedicated service to the club, and was awarded the prestigious Hughes Award for his services to Shire baseball. Unopposed, Graham Grigg then took on the position until 2006, following which Phill Boseley, Mark Philibossian, John Back and Jason Noye have each served terms as club president.

Throughout its history, Comets Baseball Club has inspired players to take pride in their club and uniform, and to do their best both on and off the playing field. Eventually, as they graduate to more senior baseball, our younger players are encouraged to pass on their expertise and knowledge of the game by assisting with coaching, umpiring, or managing of junior teams. In this way they help perpetuate the finest traditions and values of the sport under the gold and blue banner of Comets Baseball.

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