June 1, 2020

To All Affiliated StGBA Clubs,

The StGBA has received responses from the vast majority of affiliated clubs and done a further revision of potential operational procedures that might be required. Below are the findings:

  • Less than 20 teams wished to proceed, and the spread of the teams was from 1st grade down to 8th grade in ability, making it impossible to create balanced and workable playing divisions
  • The cleaning and sanitation procedures (and related costs) would be possibly excessive
  • Operational procedures of performing “track and trace” recording of participants and spectators.

Based on all of these issues, the StGBA Executive has made the sad decision to fully cancel the 2020 Winter season for the StGBA.

Thank you to all the clubs which submitted their interest to play.

The StGBA will also be advising BNSW of the cancellation of the 2020 season so that players can start the process of requesting a refund.


Stuart Hitchcock


St George Baseball Association Inc