Most Improved Junior Team

As a club we will work to improve all junior player’s capabilities during the season. Baseball is a team sport and we encourage each team to improve their overall performance during the season and this will be recognised.
There are two awards, known as the:
  • FMC Most Improved Non-pitch Baseball team award
  • FMC Most Improved Baseball team award.

Paul Turnbull and his family were part of the Comets family for many years. Paul was a long-time supporter and sponsor. The award was named FMC after the company Paul owned (previously known as Frigoscandia before being purchased by FMC Foodtech, which is now part of the JBT Corporation.)  JBT FoodTech is a leading supplier of integrated food processing solutions based in Chicago, Illinois.

As a guide the award is calculated comparing the teams performance for the first half of the season against their performance during the second half.


Year Non-Pitched Pitched
2018-19 T-Ball Majors 2 Little League Minors 2
2017-18 U10-2's 13's
2016-17 U7's U12-3's Royal
2015-16 U9-2's Gold & U10-3's Gold U12-3's Royal
2014-15 U10-2's U12-2's
2013-14 U10-3's U12-3's
2012-13 U8-2's Royal U14-2's
2011-12 U8-2's Gold U17-1's
2010-11 U9-2's U12-3's


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