Welcome to the amazing world of Baseball scoring.

It’s been said that Baseball is the most intensely scored sport of all.  From a well-completed scorebook, you can clearly replay the entire game.


While the main scorebook records all plays including pitches, in junior baseball it’s also a good idea to have another person other than the scorer keeping track of the pitches (there are a number of pitching restrictions placed on our juniors to protect their arm).

A pitch count sheet may be simple or very complex, depending on the information you wish to record and the use you wish to make of the data collected.

Speak with your coach if you wish to assist.

The following pitch sheets are currently available:

Tee Ball

Tee Ball scoring, like the actual game, is a modified version.

The following document explains how we score in Tee Ball.

The Scorebook

Get those coloured pencils out, because that’s what you’ll need if you’re going to go all the way with scoring.  It’s not as difficult as it first seems and a fully completed scorebook is a work of art!