Committee Roll Call

Over the years many people have worked in an official capacity to build our club to what it is today.

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerJunior Liason Officer
1982-83Jim McDonaldBrian DanielsVicki McDonaldGary Lawler
1983-84Jim McDonaldBrian DanielsVicki McDonaldTony Harrower
1984-85Jim McDonaldBrian DanielsVicki McDonaldTony Harrower
1985-86Jim McDonaldBrian DanielsVicki McDonaldTony Harrower
1986-87Jim McDonaldBrian DanielsVicki McDonaldTony Harrower
1987-88Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRon WrightTony Harrower
1988-89Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRon WrightTony Harrower
1989-90Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRay MeagherJohn Staniforth
1990-91Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRay MeagherJohn Staniforth
1991-92Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRay MeagherJohn Staniforth
1992-93Jim McDonaldTerry LaxRay MeagherJohn Staniforth
1993-94Jim McDonaldRay MeagherTerry LaxJohn Staniforth
1994-95Jim McDonaldPhill BoseleyTerry LaxJohn Staniforth
1995-96Jim McDonaldPhill BoseleyGlenn HollettJohn Staniforth
1996-97Jim McDonaldPhill BoseleyGlenn HollettJohn Staniforth
1997-98Jim McDonaldPhill BoseleyDennis SmithJohn Staniforth
1998-99Jim McDonaldPhill BoseleyDennis SmithJohn Staniforth
1999-00Graham GriggJohn BackDennis SmithJohn Staniforth
2000-01Graham GriggJohn BackDennis SmithScott Tully
2001-02Graham GriggJohn BackDennis SmithScott Tully
2002-03Graham GriggJohn BackDennis SmithScott Tully
2003-04Graham GriggJohn BackDennis SmithScott Tully
2004-05Graham GriggJohn BackLindsay EdenScott Tully
2005-06Graham GriggJohn BackLindsay EdenScott Tully
2006-07Phill BoseleyJohn BackLindsay EdenScott Tully
2007-08Phill BoseleyMark PhilibossianLindsay Eden & John BreeneScott Tully
2008-09Mark PhilibossianLindsay EdenJohn BreeneGlenn Ollerton
2009-10John BackJason NoyeLindsay EdenGlenn Ollerton
2010-11John BackJason NoyeLindsay EdenGlenn Ollerton
2011-12Jason NoyePaul SammutGraham GriggSteve Nash
2012-13Jason NoyeTrevor GeldenhuisScott CollinsSteve Nash
2013-14Jason NoyeTrevor GeldenhuisScott CollinsSteve Nash
2014-15Jason NoyeTrevor GeldenhuisScott CollinsSteve Nash
2015-16Jason NoyeTrevor GeldenhuisScott CollinsSteve Nash
2016-17Jason NoyeTrevor GeldenhuisScott CollinsSteve Nash
2017-18Trevor GeldenhuisAndrew HodgesScott CollinsSteve NashFrank Bishopp
2018-19Trevor GeldenhuisAndrew HodgesScott CollinsSteve NashDan Spooner
2019-20Trevor GeldenhuisAndrew HodgesScott CollinsSteve NashDan Spooner
2020-21Trevor GeldenhuisMichael SantScott CollinsSteve NashDan Spooner
2021-22Trevor GeldenhuisBarton PeetersMichael SantAlex JohnstonCraig Nancarrow
2022-23Trevor GeldenhuisBarton PeetersMichael SantAlex JohnstonCraig Nancarrow
2023-24Barton PeetersNick BernathMichael SantAlex JohnstonCraig Nancarrow