Jim McDonald Award

Each year this award is bestowed upon the person in the club who, as judged by the Executive committee, has been a great asset to the club during the previous 12 months. Jim McDonald was the prime mover in establishing the club and worked tirelessly for many years including a record 18 years as the Club President. This award is not given lightly and each of the recipients has given to the club above that which would normally be expected. Congratulations to those recipients.

2020-2021Scott Collins
2019-2020Rhys Peeters
2018-2019Suzette Staeker
2017-2018Tony Brissett
2016-2017Steve Bourke
2015-2016Frank Bishopp
2014-2015Andrew Bright
2013-2014Cameron Hall
2012-2013Julie Little
2011-2012Andrew Bright
2010-2011Larraine Goddard-Hall
2009-2010Mick Jones
2008-2009Jason Noye
2007-2008Steve King
2006-2007Lee Bright
2005-2006Kevin Steadman
2004-2005Stewart Taylor
2003-2004Paul Sammut
2002-2003Leonie King
2001-2002Geoff Ollerton
2000-2001Phill Boseley
1999-2000Greg Mackie