Comets Legend Award

Introduced by John Back and supported by Executive Committee 2018

Award Background: This award recognises the contribution of parents, scorers, coaches, partners, managers, players and committee members, who have made a long term, significant contribution to the club, but do not qualify for Life Membership.

We all know people who, during a period of time, give a lot to the club. That period may extend from a child playing under 8’s to under 16’s, the effort these people have made, have always been recognised via awards such as the Jim McDonald award and the Comets Family award. And should stay this way.

But the club doesn’t have a form of recognition for Non Players who do not qualify for Life Membership or other awards. Players are recognised for 5, 10, 20, 30, 35 and 40 years.

A Comets legend is not simply someone that has been a scorer/coach/manager for over 10 years. But someone that has been a scorer/coach/manager for at least 10-15 years, and is always willing to do other games, not just their own child’s game. But they may also be a player that is also a coach, scorer, manager, committee member, or is always helping out around the club.

The intention is NOT to recognise a parent that managers, scores or coaches their own child for 10 years and that’s it, but if they have continued to do this for 15 or more, they may qualify. This is not to make light of that contribution, but it is to recognise someone that goes above this.
Other examples may be support from a partner of a life member, long term player, or a legend.

Comets LegendsYear Awarded
Julie Little2020-2021
Carol McDonald2018
Pete Munro2018
Stuart Martin2018
Paul Sammut2018