Player Equipment Protection

Parents often ask the question about protection for their children.

YES, protection is required.
The club will provide each team with a kit with a range of protective wear.

This includes:

  • Helmets (for batter & runners)
  • Face Masks (for a catcher)
  • Chest proctors (for a catcher)
  • Leg protectors (for a catcher)
  • Catchers Glove (for a catcher)

A groin protector is the responsibility of the player to provide.

This is a safety rule made by the CSJBA and a requirement for both male and female junior players.

** No junior player will be allowed to train or partake in a game without one.

This rule is not applicable to Seniors, but common sense should be applied.

Groin protectors are available from a number of outlets including Baseball shops, major sports stores, and martial arts stores.