Family Award

This award is bestowed upon the family in the club who, as judged by the Executive committee, has been a great asset to the club over an extended period of time.

Comets Baseball Club prides itself on being a family club. While it is often seen that one member of a family will be active in supporting the club it is not as common to see all members of a family actively involved in many facets of the club.

This involves a huge commitment and to sustain that commitment over an extended period is exceptional. Exceptional enough for the club to believe that it should be recognised.

Congratulations to those recipient families.

2023-2024Nancarrow Family
2020-2021Morgan Family
2019-2020Morgan-Spooner Family
2018-2019Little Family
2017-2018Flynn Family
2016-2017Johnston Family
2015-2016Little Family
2014-2015Bishopp Family
2013-2014Geldenhuis Family
2012-2013Herring Family
2011-2012Tully Family
2010-2011McDonald Family
2009-2010Tully Family
2008-2009Grigg Family
2007-2008Maber Family
2006-2007King Family
2005-2006Lewis Family
2004-2005Boseley Family