Junior Grading Night & Process

As a Parent you may ask:

What happens during the Grading Sessions?

Comets field a number of teams across the Junior age groups.

In age groups up to Under 12’s, we try to allow players to play with their friends, wherever possible but sometimes this may not always be the case. From under 12’s onwards, Comets grades its players based on their playing ability. This is to ensure that:

1. Players of similar skills, experience, and ability are placed in the same team

2. The teams are competitive within the grade the Association assigns the team to.

3. Players with lesser abilities are not unduly exposed to players from other clubs with much higher abilities or by being placed in too high of a graded team.

We will have several coaches conducting various drills and exercises with the players. While these drills are being conducted our Grading Committee will be watching and assessing your child’s performance. Neither the coaches nor the graders will be associated with the player (ie. daughter or son).

Each grader (who is experienced and qualified) has a Grading sheet that they will complete as the drills are being completed. At the end of the sessions, the sheets will be collated along with the assessment sheets from last season (if your child played). From these documents, the Grading Committee will have an overall indication of each player’s ability and will attempt to form teams from the available registered players.

The Grading Committee along with the Executive, Club coach, and identified team coaches will build up teams of players with similar ability and experience that fit with the Association policies and guidelines.

While every effort is made to form teams from within the set league age group, nothing is ever exact and sometimes we will approach a parent and request that their child plays up in a higher league age divisions to allow us to form a team. If this happens, be assured that the grading committee has specifically identified your child and believe that they have the ability to play in that grade.

In some cases, grading may have to be held over two/three days. This is most often the case when there are a large number of players in the same age group. If this is the case, you will be advised at the end of the first session. Quite often the club may be able to advise on the day which team your child will be playing in.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the grading exercise, please send an e-Mail to our – Junior Secretary

Details of Grading Night: (Soon to be updated with details)

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